Have you ever gone through a period in your life when things just did not seem like normal, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what was different, what had changed? Have you ever perhaps felt like your life turned upside down but you weren’t quite sure what to do about it or where to turn? Have you ever gone through a difficult time in your life, mentally speaking, and you just weren’t sure how to cope and you longed for someone to walk alongside you and encourage you?

That’s how my friend Trudi felt. Listen as she shares her story.

Hi. I’m Trudi Gummelt and I wanted to talk with you about this book called “Hope Prevails.” It’s written by my friend, Michelle Bengtson, and it’s based on her journey through depression and the things that she discovered about it, the spiritual aspect of depression, and some of the physical components of it.

I agreed to be a part of her book launch team because she’s a friend and I thought I was just going to be a helpful friend, helping a friend out. But, it turns out when I opened up the pages of this book that I realized I needed this book very much.

I had begun to believe a lot of the lies that the enemy of my soul wants me to believe. Primarily that hope for me is deferred. I can tell you, for me, I am a purpose-driven woman. I am a woman of authority. I have the word of God in my mouth and I have known this for years. But for the last several months, almost a year, my life has been turned upside down mentally speaking. I’ve been going through such difficult times and I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

Then I realized that I’m going through menopause and I have a low thyroid which can contribute to depression. And then I opened up the pages of this book and I realized – oh my gosh.

This has been an amazing tool for me. I love it because I can cope. What Michelle gives me at the end of every chapter is a prescription and she tells me things that I can do to address that particular aspect. She gives me songs that I can listen to, to praise the name of God and lift His name high and not exalt my emotions. I’m not going to exalt my depression. I’m going to exalt the name of the Lord.

One of the biggest things I love about this book is that I don’t have to defend myself. Yes, I have depression and I don’t have to tell anybody why I’m depressed. It’s not a freaky thing. This is a spiritual battle and it’s hard. So, it’s not that hard to understand how we can get into this rut of depression.

And, I love the fact that we’re starting conversations. So, thank you so much, Michelle, for this book.

And, for all the rest of you, you have to get a copy of this book because either you or somebody you know is going through very similar things and it will give you the tools that you need in order to fight it and fight the right way. So, get a copy of this book! You’ll be glad you did!

A short brief about Hope Prevails and a free offer!

Hope Prevails
Insights from a Doctor’s Personal Journey through Depression
Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Speaking from personal and professional experience, a neuropsychologist unpacks what depression is, shows how it affects us spiritually, and offers hope for living the abundant life.

Neuropsychologist Offers Hope to Those Struggling with Depression
-By 2020, depression will be our greatest epidemic worldwide

  • An estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from some form of depression
  • Helpful features include personal stories, biblical truths, prayers, and music recommendations

Hope Prevails Book cover vertical 536

In Hope Prevails, Dr. Bengtson writes with deep compassion and empathy, blending her extensive training and faith, to offer readers a hope that is grounded in God’s love and grace. She helps readers understand what depression is, how it affects them spiritually, and what, by God’s grace, it cannot do. The result is a treatment plan that addresses the whole person—not just chemical imbalances in the brain.

For those who struggle with depression and those that want to help them, Hope Prevails offers real hope for the future.

Hope Prevails is available for pre-order now. To find out more, see: https://drmichellebengtson.com/hope-prevails-book/.

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Have you ever gone through a period in your life when things just did not seem like normal? When you couldn’t quite put your finger on what was different, or what had changed? When life turned upside down.