In today’s guest post, Kristine Brown gives a glimpse into her story on how she overcame workplace comparison.

How To Overcome Workplace Comparison – by Kristine Brown

I loved my job.

I’d worked in that position for several years, attending to my daily assignments with care. My conscientious nature drove me to do the best I could each day, meeting deadlines and tackling new programs with a positive attitude. I was content to stay there long-term.

So when my boss suggested I move into a leadership position, I was a little flustered. OK, more than a little.

I never considered myself leadership material, but there we were – having an unexpected conversation. Our current team leader needed to take an extended leave-of-absence. Our boss approached me about filling in for her during her absence. I can feel my cheeks flush just thinking about it.

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! I decided to push past the fear and accept the challenge. The opportunity was a gift from God, and I wanted to accept it with joy and determination.

That lasted for about a week. Then the comparison monster crept his way into my thoughts.

You should just do things the way she did them. Her way worked better than yours.

You’re not as good at this job as she was.

You weren’t cut out for this whole leadership thing. You should be more like her.

Through that experience, I realized I had been allowing comparison to invade my life for far too long. It was time for me to seek help for my struggle. I found the remarkable answer in stories straight from God’s Word.

Through the lives of three unique women in Scripture, God revealed the keys to silencing the voice of comparison, and I knew I couldn’t keep these to myself. That’s how the Over It book came to be.

From their stories, I not only discovered deep truths about this struggle, but I found contentment in my God-given uniqueness. I also learned that God’s plan for us is more than we could ever imagine.

Do the thoughts I’ve shared resonate with you? Would you like to learn more? Then allow me to invite you on this journey with me.

Every struggle, discovery, and lesson-learned is recorded in this book, Over It. Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan.

Over It by Kristine Brown

I’m a practical girl, and I need easy-to-follow tips I can begin today. From the stories shared, I’ve uncovered steps we can all implement in our daily lives. These steps will help us make real change – a change that help us to say, “I’m over it,” and mean it.

The Over It book releases today. I am so excited to share its message, I can hardly contain myself! If you’d like to learn more about the book, visit the book page here.

Would you like to join me in this adventure? Then let’s not wait another minute to begin. To purchase a copy and get started claiming victory over comparison in your own life, click here. I pray you will gain the tools to help you let go of comparing and live out the unique plan God created just for you.

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Kristine Brown, author of Over ItKristine Brown is a writer, dramatist, and teacher. She helps women and teen girls navigate the ups and downs of real-life. Kristine devotes her time to family, freelance writing, and her non-profit ministry, More Than Yourself, Inc. You can read more from her at Connect with Kristine on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.





Have you ever fallen into the trap of comparison? You are unique. Read more to find out how Kristine Brown conquered comparison and found God's plan for her life.

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