I didn’t want to go…what I wanted was to don my pajamas and stay snug and cozy at home with my family, watching the latest family Christmas movie by the fire and enjoying the start of my children’s Christmas break.

I wasn’t sure why I was even invited to this party. The guest list was filled with celebrities and media personalities. Surely it wouldn’t be noticed if I didn’t attend.

But my husband thought we should, for we had said we would. And neither of us were given to not fulfilling our word.

As we pulled up, cars lined the curb for more than a block in both directions. The homes all down the street were decorated in festive lights, one outdoing the next.

I tentatively knocked on the door, to which a smiling face answered. But the hostess seemed surprised! “What are you doing here? I thought you were travelling!”

My heart sunk. You mean I hadn’t needed to attend? I wouldn’t have even been missed? Had we made the effort for nothing? Was it pointless?

We entered and surveyed the home, knowing no one. Surrounded by a crowd yet feeling very much alone.

The feeling followed me all weekend like a dog with a bone.

“Lord, I felt invisible. It’s ok. I don’t need to be seen by man. But you see me, right?”

It was as if I sensed Him say, “I know how you feel…”

I pondered that in my heart. Just days before Christmas and I wonder how many celebrate the holiday but forget the reason we celebrate. And then my thoughts turned to the first Christmas.

On that first Christmas day thousands of years ago, to a very large extent, Jesus was invisible. Mary and Joseph were Jews traveling far from their homeland. Mary was an unwed, pregnant teenage girl, unable to find anyone who would take her in to care for her or offer assistance in her greatest time of need. Mary and Joseph were all alone, invisible to the other Jews they passed on the road.

Jesus wasn’t born in a palace like all other kings and rulers of the time. His birth was essentially very much uncelebrated, as he was born in the most lowly of places, sharing a stable with cattle, and horses and sheep, borrowing their feeding trough for His bed. Mary and Joseph didn’t have their family around them for support. No friends to bring meals or baby showers to offer gifts of clothes or necessities. They were alone, invisible.

Yet, as is always true in Scripture, just as in our lives today, wherever Jesus is, so also is provision. While they may have felt alone, Mary and Joseph always had God with them. He saw their need and He sent to them wise men with provisions.  God saw to it that despite the permanency of the stars of the galaxy, He led wise men to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus by one moving star. And with them, they brought provision of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Not only did he send physical provision, but He also provided in the form of protection, because just as He guided the wise men to Mary and Joseph, He guided them away on a different route than they had come to ensure that Herod would not find out where Jesus was and kill Him. And He gave Joseph a dream telling Joseph that he, Mary, and Joseph should flee to Egypt until the threat from Herod had passed.

We too are God’s children. He sees us. He knows where we are. We aren’t invisible to Him. He understands our feelings of loneliness and despair. But He promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us.

We are God’s children. He sees us. He knows where we are. We aren’t invisible to Him. He understands our feelings of loneliness and despair. But He promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us.

He also promises that He will supply for all our needs according to His glorious riches, and that His mercies are new every morning. His provision may not look like we expect. I’m sure Mary and Joseph were not expecting wise men to knock on their door after Jesus was born, but I’m sure they were grateful nonetheless. Yet one thing is certain. God has proven Himself faithful time and time again to be with us and to meet our needs.

Neither you nor your needs are invisible to God.

Will you trust Him today?

Because of Him,
Hope Prevails

Have you ever been in a crowd, yet felt very much alone? Like you were invisible? How many celebrate the Christmas holiday but forget the reason we celebrate.


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