In my private practice as a board certified clinical neuropsychologist, I hear this question frequently, “Is it grief or something more?” Just recently a middle-aged female patient asked, with tears streaming down her face. “Isn’t it normal to grieve after losing someone you love?”
As I began to answer, she quickly added, “And why can’t anyone seem to understand? They lost her too!”

She recounted the details of her loss, the pain clearly written across her face. She needed to share, and I took the time to listen.
As I listened to her questions, and began to formulate a response, I was mentally transported back to my own experience several years prior….

For the remainder of the story and for the signs and symptoms to watch for when grief progresses into depression, join me at




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Is it grief or something more? That’s a question I’m often asked as a board certified clinical neuropsychologist. Everyone grieves differently. Read more for signs and symptoms to watch for when grief progresses into depression. #grief #depression #mentalhealth


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