Jo Haussman Testimonial

I’m another one of the “many” given a “Hope Filled” future because of Dr. Bengtson’s spiritual discernment & expertise. You see, when I met with her to review my test results, she added to fulfilling God’s promise for hope & a future for me. She opened the doors for me to Social Security. Had she not applied her expertise & calculated the appropriate results, I would have been at a loss. And, you know what? I had a good feeling that she prayed for her patients. And, I’m certain now that she does as I “know” without a shadow of a doubt that I no longer experience early dementia.

You see, I’ve been working now 8 mos in a job that requires a great deal of memory retention & multi-tasking. It was literally impossible for me for about 5 yrs after my diagnosis. I kept trying & kept stretching my capabilities & all of a sudden, one day while volunteering in my State Rep’s office, it occurred to me that I was handling technical issues without any problem. I was given special projects to do because of my skill set. I was amazed and still am til this day.

When the Lord opened the doors for this job for me, I had no idea if I’d make it or not. But, hey, my God is the God Who was giving me hope & a future. I may have lost my home, my car & so much more when I first started having the issues, but, today God is restoring everything. It was a very, very long 7 years of heartache & losses, but today, I stand in victory. I could never, ever thank Dr. Bengtson enough for what she did for me.

Jo Haussman