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On this week’s podcast, we’re celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Your Hope-Filled Perspective where we offer you a Biblically-based Hope-Filled Perspective. This week, we’re sharing the 6 episodes that you downloaded the most over the past year. To introduce a snippet of each one, I’ll share a bit about what I liked about each episode.

I find it interesting that the top 6 episodes of the past year come down to knowing who we are in Christ and paying attention to our mindset.

Thank you so much for tuning in each week! Without you, this program wouldn’t exist!

And, now for the featured episodes.


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Featured Episode #1

  • In episode 115, we talked with Kris Reece about How To Train Your Brain to Trust God. You’ll get to hear a bit about her story and what led her to become so passionate about helping others to train their brain to trust God.
  • Listen to her episode here: How To Train Your Brain to Trust God 
    Kris also shared her 4 step process that shows you how to renew your mind and put an end to toxic thinking: Toxic Thinking: Take Control of Your Thoughts

Featured Episode #2

  • In episode 29, How To Help Someone with Depression, I recorded with my husband, Scott. We cover so many helpful topics including common signs & symptoms, helpful things to do, what to say, and what not to say.
  • Listen to that episode here: How To Help Someone with Depression
  • I have written prolifically about depression on my blog. Just search for “depression” in the search bar. I also include links to resources below.

Featured Episode #3

  • In episode 131, we talked with Erica Wiggenhorn about How to Untangle Yourself from the Fear of Inadequacy. Many people struggle with fear of inadequacy or the imposter syndrome and don’t even know it. Earlier in my career, I certainly did, but I didn’t want to. That’s why I was so grateful for Erica’s wisdom and insight.
  • Listen to that episode here: How to Untangle Yourself from the Fear of Inadequacy
  • Erica also shares the secret she learned for understanding your worth and recognizing your true value: The Secret to Understanding Your Worth

Featured Episode #4

  • In Episode 116, we talked with Tina Yeager about Hope for Overcoming Shame or Discouragement. I absolutely loved my interview with Tina regarding how to overcome shame or discouragement, because when the enemy can’t defeat us, he tries to discourage us. Tina vulnerably shared from her own personal and professional experiences, so you’d know she knows.
  • Listen to that episode here: Hope for Overcoming Shame or Discouragement
  • Tina also shared encouragement for those struggling in silence with shame and discouragement, significance and identity issues in this article: Struggling in Silence with Shame and Discouragement

Featured Episode #5

  • In Episode 130, we talked with Amy Joob about How To Get Unstuck in Life and Move Forward. Many people have written to me during the last couple of years, lamenting how stuck they feel, despite their desire to move on to bigger and better things. Amy Joob and her husband faced that same thing during the Covid Pandemic. She shares how they moved forward.
  • Listen to that episode here: How To Get Unstuck in Life and Move Forward
  • Amy also shares how she moved forward from fears and hurts that had kept her stuck here: Are You Stuck? Right Alignment Will Get You Unstuck!

Featured Episode #6


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s anniversary episode. It was so much fun to dive into those episodes that were most popular with our listeners. When we consider that God tells us how important it is to take every thought captive, these six episodes do exactly that. For future episodes, we’d love to know what you enjoy, the guests you’ve loved, and the topics you’d like us to cover.


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We're celebrating year 3 of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast with the 6 top videos from 2021. Overall, the themes cover knowing who we are in Christ / paying attention to mindset. Featured guests: Kris Reece, how to train your brain to trust God; myself, How To Help a Depressed Loved One; the fear of inadequacy / imposter syndrome, Erica Wiggenhorn, Overcoming shame / discouragement, Tina Yeager; getting unstuck / moving forward, Amy Joob; and organizing your life / mind, Marcia Ramsland.