Leslie and Wm. Edward Criswell, III Testimonial

There are not enough words to convey the gratitude that our family shares for Dr. Bengtson, for the time/energy she invested some 20 years ago in our then 5 year old son. When we met, my husband and I were at our lowest and completely defeated. We had been given very little hope that this beautiful little boy, whom we adored, could ever be a productive member of the world around him. This because his physicians had given up, shattering our dreams for his future.

When we visited Dr. Bengtson’s office, we were not seeking a miracle; we simply needed some guidance regarding how we might help him reach his potential, allowing for him to enjoy a happy, more normal life. As parents, hearing all that we had about this precious boy had been devastating, so when we made our appointment with Dr. Bengtson, we didn’t expect much and certainly not what we got.

At the end of a day of testing and when we met for the results, her smile and kind words combined with the promise that while he would likely always struggle-he could overcome the obstacles he faced gave us the boost that we needed to make the best and most informed decisions for him, and we never looked back!

Today, after many years of hard work on everyone’s part, this young man not only survived, he thrived. With nearly 7 years of service to his credit, our son proudly serves our country, has obtained two college degrees and is making his mark in the world largely because of the dedication of Dr. Bengtson and her willingness to tell us that while she didn’t know what would happen, tomorrow would come. We clearly can’t say enough about our experience and how the positive spin she put on her diagnosis changed not only this young man’s life, but everyone he has encountered.”

Leslie and Wm. Edward Criswell, III

Shreveport, LA