Recently we packed my son up to take him to college. The plan was to leave in the dark of night to begin the 20-hour drive so we could get the majority of the drive behind us the first day, leaving only a remnant the second day. The night before we left town, we loaded the back of our mini-van with suitcases, duffle bags, boxes, and bags containing clothes, bedding, school supplies and as many comforts of home as could be stowed in the car while leaving room for all four of our family members.

In the pre-dawn dark of night, the last thing to get loaded was my son’s bike on the hitch on the back of the mini-van. Thirty minutes later my guys were sweaty, dirty and frustrated because what should have been an easy task, left us leaving late and disheveled.

After arriving at our mid-way stopping point for the night, we dismantled the bike and brought it along with our overnight bags into the hotel room with us. The next morning, we got up a bit more leisurely with the sun, loaded up the car, and headed out to finish the remainder of our drive.

My son remarked, “It took 5 minutes to assemble this morning in the light what it took over 30 minutes to do yesterday morning in the dark.”

It started me thinking: when we walk in God’s light, relying on Him to guide the way, things go so much smoother than when we fumble being “led” by the powers of darkness. How much better my day goes when I start it with time with Him in His presence and in His word.

The Holy Spirit will remind us of all truth, but He can only do that when we’ve taken the time to be exposed to and learned that truth, like reading the instruction manual.

The Holy Spirit will remind us of all truth. But, how can He remind you if you haven’t exposed yourself to the truth and learned it? #Christianity #trustingGod #hope

Praying you are led by His light today.

Because of Him, #HopePrevails

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When you’re loading up a bicycle for a long trip, there’s a big difference between working in the light versus the dark. It’s the same in our walk with God. #trustGod #Christianity #encouragement