On a recent episode of the podcast “Your Hope-Filled Perspective,” I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Marina McLean about finding your purpose (Hope for Finding Your Purpose – Episode 81). I asked Marina to share a bit more with us here about what hope and faith have to do with living your purpose.

Living Your Purpose Starts with Hope and Faith
By Dr. Marina McLean

The common denominator that I see in people as I travel is that every culture, gender and generation faces the need for hope. Hope that sees beyond life circumstances they are facing or walking through right now.


Hope is a universal language that takes into account that we all need a better future; but hope by itself is not enough. You have to add faith to your hope. Hope is always a future picture, but when you add faith to your hope; you give it a foundation to stand on.


Your faith is always calling to substance; your substance is always looking for things you have hoped for, and hope is always steering you towards evidence. I love having evidence in my hands, it is tangible and cannot be refuted.

Living Your Purpose

Hope can always be carried away by the wind, or thwarted by the discouraging friend, however, when you have faith it makes you feel more confident in your future. Confidence in your future leads to purpose, your purpose will always give you something to live for, and it will give you a reason to help others.

About Dr. Marina McLean

Dr. Marina McLeanDr. Marina is a Keynote speaker, Life coach, Master Coach, worship leader, songwriter and award- wining author for her first book Appetite for Worship. She is the editor and chief of Mega Women Magazine. Dr. Marina has recorded three worship albums, In the Glory, Synchronized, and Encounter with Worship. She is the Director of iCultiv8 LLC life coaching services. Dr. Marina has been married for thirty-six years to Renny McLean, they have three adult children, Maranatha, Caleb and Zoe, and she resides in Texas.

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Your purpose will always give you something to live for. But what do hope and faith have to do with living your purpose? #purpose #hope #faith