Have you ever looked through a window that has accumulated a lot of rain droplets? How about a window with rain droplets that allows you to look back at yourself? Have you ever noticed blemishes on yourself when you look back at yourself? That’s because the rain droplets seem to just take it away. Almost like it, disappears.

When you look through this kind of window it seems as if everything is fixed. Yet God doesn’t even need to look through the window because he is looking right at you. God sees you in your entirety and says you are perfect.

We don’t see ourselves that way. We say, “Well when I have this sorted out in my life then I’ll be good enough.” Yet God doesn’t see you that way–He sees you in a way that captures your entirety. But for you, he sends the rain to allow you to see yourself in His image. But in order to have rain, there has to be dreary days.

God sometimes will send a slight obstacle to show you how loved you are once you climb over it. He shows you how when you figured out a knot in your life, how you untied other difficulties along with it. He wants you to be able to see how you have been made in his image and always will be.

“Then the cupbearer and the baker for the king of Egypt, who were confined in jail, both had a dream the same night, each man with his own dream and each dream with its own interpretation.” (Genesis 40:5) – We will have our own interpretations of what God shows us but if we keep our eyes on it, He will not lead us astray.

“Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen

"Waving Through a Window" from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN Original Broadway Cast Recording

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How God sees you - without blemish, made in His image.  #Christian #hope #faith #encouragement

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