In my personal life, my professional life, and my spiritual growth, I have benefited from the presence of a mentor to walk alongside me. That’s why I was excited to talk with Jayme Hull about how mentoring can change your life and help prevent loneliness on a recent episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective Podcast.  Jayme shares more about mentoring with how to begin your mentoring relationship and never be lonely again.

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How To Begin Your Mentoring Relationship and Never Be Alone Again
By Jayme Hull

Have you ever said, “Something’s missing . . . and I’m not sure what? I’m searching for Jesus and desperate to find Him somehow amid all the noise. I feel so alone. Who can I talk to?” All of us need someone to come alongside us to support us as well as have the hard conversations, rather than sugarcoating reality. I believe that the single most important influence in your life, no matter what season you are in, is who’s mentoring you and regularly pouring into your life. When you begin your mentoring relationship, that helps you become the godly individual you were created to be, you will never be alone again.

My prayer is that you’ll discover the life-giving potential of mentoring relationships for yourself and feel the speed of your personal growth in the Lord, take off. I promise I’m not being dramatic when I say this single connection has the potential to shape the trajectory of your life more than any other factor I know of. Be encouraged that it’s not only possible to connect with a mentor, but also critical to become your best you.

What Is Mentoring?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term before in business or academic settings, but the Christian community is often behind the curve here. While we tend to emphasize your professionals’ groups and women’s Bible studies, mentoring is an entirely different experience.

A mentor is an individual, further along in their walk with God than you are, and growing, who sees your potential and walks with you in becoming the person God created you to be. They are willing and available to meet with you one-on-one each week. They offer a listening ear, honest feedback, and spiritual encouragement as you navigate your faith journey. (Titus 2:3-5)

How To Find a Mentor?

I want to encourage you to begin praying and asking God to lead you to the person He would select for you in your new mentoring relationship. Finding a mentor or mentee will require you to be courageous and step out of your comfort zone. It’s very important that you welcome the uncomfortable and start the conversation.

How To Start a Conversation?

  • Seek God’s guidance and open your eyes to those around you.
  • Listen and ask good questions.
  • Be authentic and approachable.
  • Is there someone in your church community or small group you admire and could see yourself having important conversations with on a regular basis?
  • Move forward. Take the next step and walk across the room.
  • Introduce yourself and begin the conversation. Remember Matthew 10:19b
    “God will give you the right words to say.”
  • Make an invitation for a short meeting over coffee the following week

5 Key Habits to Help you build a Healthy Mentoring Relationship

Are you thinking, what do I say and do now that I’m beginning a new mentoring relationship? Start simple. Share your God stories, your struggles, your dreams. One of my favorite take action verses is from Ezra 10:4: “Rise up: this matter is in your hands…so take courage and do it.”

Here we go:

  1. Be authentic
    A mentoring relationship should be a safe place to talk about absolutely anything without embarrassment or fear. Take time to reflect on, talk out, and pray together about where you’re at and what you want to move forward as you grow and learn to apply God’s Word to your life situations. (Ephesians 4:25 NIV)
  2. Be teachable
    Humility is critical. Admit where you don’t have life figured out. Ask for input and godly advice. Identify where you want to grow spiritually. Proverbs says, “Without good direction, people lose their way… Take good counsel and accept correction—that’s the way to live wisely and well.” (Proverbs 11:14, 19:20 MSG)
  3. Be open to the Holy Spirit
    You likely won’t agree with everything said, and that’s okay. Neither one of you are perfect. You are on this faith journey together and learning together. Learn from each other’s stories, life experiences, and mistakes. Pray before, during and after your sessions for the Holy Spirit to guide and protect your conversations. (Galatians 5:25 NASB)
  4. Be respectful and grateful
    Mentoring is not a one-way street. Both women will need to listen and seek to understand each other and pray together with a grateful heart. During your one-hour session try to put away all distractions and anything that will hinder your focus on the conversation and the move of the Holy Spirit. (Colossians 4:2 NIV)
  5. Be face-to-face
    With today’s technology, you can certainly communicate using tools like Facetime or Zoom, especially with our difficult work schedules. But I believe that nothing can replace a real, live face-to-face conversation. One-on-one and face-to-face is still the best way to grow. (Proverbs 27:17 NIV)

How Will You Respond to The Mentoring Invitation?

Let’s start a movement. Let’s commit together to be there for each other as godly women—not just as a checklist or in theory, but in the messy and painful and wonderful moments of life. Let’s build a culture of supporting and nurturing and loving and celebrating the individuals God created us to be. Let’s listen and encourage and empower and speak life.

Now it’s your turn.

Step out.
Challenge yourself.
Give yourself away.
Seek wise godly counsel.
Surround yourself with godly women you can learn from.
Begin your new mentoring relationship and never be alone again.

Have you ever had or been a mentor? We’d love to hear what your experience was like in the comments below.



About Jayme Hull

Jayme Hull, author and speakerJAYME HULL is a speaker and author of Face To Face: Discover How Mentoring Can Change Your Life with Moody Publishers and Side By Side: 8 Conversations To Build Your Confidence In Christ An 8-Week Bible Study to encourage women to stop avoiding the tough conversations and begin talking with the God of hope. She is also the host of Face to Face Mentoring Podcast. Jayme is a graduate of New York University and a Certified Spiritual Direction Coach with the Blackaby Ministries International. She has spent a lifetime mentoring and training hundreds of Christian women to connect with God and others through a mentoring relationship. Her passion is to encourage others to invest in the next generation and make a positive difference in today’s culture. Jayme and her husband call the Nashville area their home and have three married children and 6 happy grandkids.

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Have you ever felt alone and longed for someone to talk to who would point you to Jesus? Maybe what you’re searching for is a mentor. What is a mentor and how do you find one? Once you find one, how do you start that conversation and build a healthy mentoring relationship? Expert Jayme Hull shares all about how to begin a mentoring relationship so that you’ll never be alone again.