I sat with my head in my hands, sobbing. It just seemed that the past year had offered up trials on the heels of trials, without any time to regain our footing, and this time was no different. Tired, weary, and depleted, resolutions to our challenges were unclear and the path ahead was long.

The phone rang next to me. As I looked at the caller-ID, the phone slipped from my slippery hands, wet from tears I sobbed as I cried out to God, ensuring He was more than aware of our predicament. I picked up the phone from the floor, and answered with little more than a whispered, “hello?”

“I’m here. How can I help?”

“Just pray. Please pray. There’s nothing anyone can do but pray. We just need God to intervene and provide. But we know He will—it’s just a matter of when and how.”

Have you ever had those times? The times when the valleys seem so low, and the mountains in front of you seem so high, and there just seems to be no way out short of the miraculous?

We have lived in that spot this year. It seems we have journeyed from one trial straight onto the heels of another without time to catch our breath or study a game plan. The only thing we could take with us into battle was the word of God and His promises, trusting His character even when we could not see his battle plan.

In times like those, I’ve been most grateful for the examples of His faithfulness to those in the Bible to remind me and give me hope in my own times of desperation. He parted the Red Sea for Moses. For Daniel, He closed the mouths of lions. When she was ready to give up, He put a baby in Sarah’s arms. He made the sun stand still for Joshua. Peter experienced prison doors shake open. And Lazarus was raised from the dead. If God could do all those things for the men and women in the Bible, there isn’t anything He can’t do to meet your needs today. Nothing you face is too difficult for Him.

The miracle making God of the Bible is the same God we serve today. He may not meet your needs the way you expect but He always works for your good and for His glory. Will you trust Him to meet your needs today?

We are all facing things today, trials of some kind: relationship difficulties, financial hardship, legal problems, job loss, health problems…the list is endless. But our God is greater. We can continue striving in our own might or we can surrender to Him. Stress comes from trying to do it all on our own. Peace comes from putting it all in God’s hands. It’s our choice. What will you choose today?

Because of Him,

#PeacePrevails and #HopePrevails


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In Hope Prevails, Dr. Bengtson writes with deep compassion and empathy, blending her extensive training and faith, to offer readers a hope that is grounded in God’s love and grace. She helps readers understand what depression is, how it affects them spiritually, and what, by God’s grace, it cannot do. The result is a treatment plan that addresses the whole person—not just chemical imbalances in the brain.

For those who struggle with depression and those that want to help them, Hope Prevails offers real hope for the future.

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We are all facing an endless list of trials. But, our God is greater. We can strive in our own might or surrender to Him. We can choose the stress of trying to do it all or surrender it all to God. What will you choose?

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