Words are powerful! Spoken, written or the words we tell ourselves impact our lives and provide fuel for our goals and dreams. Every new year it seems we are prompted to take an assessment of our lives, and the goals we have for our future. I recently chatted with Annette Trucke on an episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast [Listen here: Freedom to Pursue Your God-Given Dreams – Episode 145] to talk about the freedom to pursue our God-given dreams. Do you have a dream in your heart that maybe you’ve been hesitant to pursue? Read on. I’ve asked Annette to share more with us here about the power of our words and how they impact our goals and dreams.

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The Power of Our Words: Fuel for our Dreams and Goals
By Annette Trucke

There are words I hang my hat on, like: hope, grace, mercy, confidence, joy, etcetera. Like you, I live by words. They are the construct of our minds, shape our emotions and actions, form, strengthen, or alienate relationships, lead us to respond to others, and so much more.

Saying, “Words are powerful!” is a complete understatement, at best.

In the biblical account of Creation, the Lord God spoke life into existence! And then God allowed Adam to speak the names of the created animals. God shares creation with us. He made us creative! Of course, one of the significant and telling names of Jesus is, the Word. The Word who was sent to heal us, to bind up our wounds, to offer relationship, and salvation, and a myriad of other things God lovingly blessed us.

Why our words have power

Words, the ones we speak, the ones we hear, the ones we think direct us. They are the GPS, the gas pedal, and the brakes. They are the beauty we notice as we drive down the road, look into the eyes of a baby, or lead us in songs. Words are like an extended hand to those who need it. Unfortunately, we all know how devastating words can be, some with malice, others just harsh. We need to tip the balancing scale to good and healthy with the love and truth of God, rather than add to the negative side.

In the Genesis account of Creation, we see how God made us in His “Imago-Dei.” We too are meant to create, and we can do it with words! Isn’t it fantastic that our words are life-givers and can form creative thoughts and concepts?

As we are on the lookout for a good word, a kind face, and connection, we can also be those who extend the same! One way to connect is to look for words of affirmation for people. These people may be strangers or dear family or friends. It may be a quick, “I love your style!” or to the cashier, “You make this business!” Or, to a friend, a listening ear and a few choice words go a very long way.

Words Fuel our Dreams and Goals

I had a friend send me a scripture the other day in a text message. She wrote with it, “This is who you are.” It was Philippians 2:4, “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” (NKJ) She reinforced not only who I am, but what I do as a businesswoman and, a person. Her words spoke life and lovingly pushed me back out into my lane, my place in life where I am pursuing my dreams and visions and helping others.

When we help others by using our words to refresh others, it splashes back all over us as well. The goodness of God gives hope, and it keeps us moving when sometimes life tells us to sit down, give up, and…be quiet.Who have you encouraged with your words lately? Can you be prepared to give out a hope word, one that affirms the person and the gift they were made to be? I promise you this, as you pour out truth and encouragement, it will come right back to you and your hope tank level will rise like a high tide. And, when one person is touched by your good words, it will touch innumerably more than you may ever know!

One more thing to remember, these good words, they are to be internally spoken to yourself, as well. Take in the promises of God and fill yourself up with good words, to overflow! Stand on the promises of God, His very words to you, to fuel your dreams as you dream with Him.

What impact have words had on your goals or dreams? We’d love to hear in the comments below.



About Annette Trucke:

Annette Trucke, authorAnnette Trucke lives in Eugene, Oregon amid the lavish and lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest. A writer, creative, and speaker she shares hope as a precious commodity. Her life message is to creativity challenge people to dare to dream and bring them to fruition. Her joy is found in creative thought, the outdoors, and notably, God and people—most especially her family, precious friends, and new faces God brings along to connect with daily.

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Words are powerful. They impact every area of our lives and provide fuel for our dreams and goals. Read more for how to use the words you write, speak or tell yourself internally as a powerful tool.