Do you ever give in to the fallacies of the lies that say you aren’t good enough?

I do.

I wish I didn’t, and I think I’m making progress, and then I’ve fallen down a slippery slope.

For many years I listened to the bold-face lie that I wasn’t good enough because I was sub-average height.

  • I thought I “saw” confirmation of it in the eyes of waiters or hostesses who always sat us at the worst table.
  • I “saw” it in the reaction of store clerks who looked past me to others in need of help.
  • I “saw” it in fellow travelers who acted annoyed at the additional time it took me to put my luggage in the overhead bin (or worse yet when I tried to retrieve it at the end of a flight!)

The damage occurs when we buy into a lie and can no longer discern the truth because what see and hear around us seems to confirm its validity.

It took a story from the book of Luke to reveal the error of my thinking.

History records a story about another soul who perceived his height to be to his detriment, and clouded his ability to see Jesus.

Zacchaeus wanted to see and he wanted to be seen. Specifically, he wanted to be seen by Jesus. He was a determined little fellow. In his determination, he ran on ahead of the crowd around Jesus and climbed up in a tree to have an unobstructed view of Jesus.

It wasn’t his ingenuity that won Jesus’s attention that day. It was his willingness to seek after Jesus with his whole being. That touched the Lord, and as a reward for his persistent seeking, Jesus requested that Zacchaeus climb down from his perch above the crowd, and escort Jesus to his home to share a meal together.

Zacchaeus got more than he bargained for. He just wanted to be able to see Jesus, as the others in the crowd could. But in his persistent pursuit of Jesus, he was honored not only with a glimpse of Jesus from afar, but personal one on one time with Jesus to relate and connect.

Jesus didn’t allow a little thing (no pun intended) like a man’s short stature get in the way of determining his worth.

So while others may treat me differently for my petite stature (just as I’m sure Zaccheus was treated differently by those around him). My worth, Zacchaeus’s worth, and your worth are determined by the Son of God who wants nothing more than to join you in your day to day activities, allowing us to know Him intimately.

“To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Eph. 1:6

What lies have you believed that led you to conclude you weren’t good enough? Will you listen to God’s truth today instead?

Proof You Are Good Enough

Proof You Are Good Enough

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