I was recently getting ready for bed, going about my usual nighttime routine when God dropped something into my spirit.

He highlighted for me why I went through the hassle of the ritual every night. I was washing my face, brushing my teeth, and wondering, “why do I go through this every night? I don’t enjoy this. This is not fun.” But the evening routine, although it isn’t fun, is necessary. I wear make-up during the day, and it has to come off at the end of the day. The dirt and the grime and the sweat from the day has to come off. If I don’t do that, first of all, I’ll get the make-up and dirt, and dust on my pillowcase when I sleep. But perhaps more importantly, I run the risk of infection. Additionally, my skin won’t look as good or be as healthy, and it will age faster.

As I was thinking about how my nighttime ritual isn’t fun or enjoyable, but it is necessary, I was momentarily tempted to skip it for a night. But as I was doing so, the Lord whispered to me, “Michelle, it’s a lot like repentance.”

Wait a minute.


The importance of repentance

Repentance is not particularly fun. Confessing our sins to God is not enjoyable, but it is important, and it is actually a gift to us because the act of repentance restores our relationship with God. God did that for us. It’s not for Him—it’s for us. Repentance doesn’t do anything for God, but it makes all the difference for us. When we come to Him, confess our sins, and repent, it’s like taking off the daily dirt and grime. It removes the dirt and impurities and everything that keeps us from a right relationship with Him. So repentance is actually good for us and good for our relationship with God.


How do you approach repentance? A chore or a gift from God. It’s all a matter of perspective. #hope #encouragement #faith

Repentance keeps us in a healthy relationship with God

So often I think we view repentance as a chore and as something we have to do, but it’s a privilege and a gift that offers such benefit for us—not to punish us, but to keep us in a healthy relationship with Him.

How do you approach repentance?

Because of Him, #HopePrevails!




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The ritual of removing the daily dirt is a lot like repentance. #faith #prayer