Sometimes God is Waiting on Us to Act

In the familiar story of Jonah we meet a man who had a call on his life. A call to be used by God. But we see a man who didn’t heed the call and got into a situation that could be expected to bring on death. First Jonah was trapped in a torrential storm, then thrown overboard into the sea, before being swallowed whole by a big fish.

I find it interesting that it was after Jonah realigned his priorities in the belly of the fish, worshipped God, and thanked Him, that God spoke to the fish and Jonah was thrown up and onto the shore.

There are many instances in scripture where we are encouraged to be thankful in all things. There are also many examples of when God required his people to take action before He acted on their behalf.

Sometimes God allows our adverse circumstances to see His goodness and faithfulness. Despite the terrifying storm and being eaten alive by a creature of the sea, Jonah came to his senses and remembered who his God was and all He had done for him. Following Jonah’s display of repentance and gratitude, God saved his life and brought him back to a safe place on dry land.

When have you had to trust God in the midst of your storm, when you couldn’t see what He was doing?

When has God provided for you in one of life’s storms?

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