Do you ever compare yourself to others?

I found myself doing it again, just the other day.

I returned to the gym, committed to getting back on track with my physical fitness after too many months of back-sliding.

The cardio portion of my workout started out well. Encouraging tunes from Mandisa, Toby Mac, and Building 429 pumped through my ear buds. I smiled in silent congratulations to myself for beating back the guilt and fatigue and making my physical health a priority that day.

Walking Away the Blues

As I transitioned to the available strength training station, I caught the eye of a young lady a decade or more younger than I. Her ripped biceps and firmly chiseled quadriceps seemed to scream at me. “You don’t belong here.” “You’ll never be as fit as her.” “She’s pretty AND fit. I can’t believe you came in here without any make-up on.”

Stick With Your Plan

My spirits sank. What happened to my earlier congratulations and job well done?

I lost my smile from just moments before as I squatted, pulled, and lifted various contraptions and weights.

As I compared everything from my height, my hair, my arms, and my backside to the bodybuilder princess across from me, my own performance sunk. I lost my focus on my own game plan as I studied hers.

Moments later, Mandisa’s “True Beauty” sang me back into a more accurate perspective. The one who created me thinks I’m beautiful. While the outside is flawed, scarred, and wrinkled, my heart beautifully beats for Him.

He gave me my own game plan-not to be confused with anyone else’s. And it is good. It is for a future and a hope. If I compare myself to others, I cannot do my best in what He has called me to do. Instead, if I will stay focused on what He has called me to do, He will be my strength in my weakness. And it will be good.

Trust His plan for you – it is good. What has He called you to today?


Stick With Your Plan

Stick With Your Plan


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