Like captives in isolated dungeons, we struggle in silence with shame and discouragement, significance and identity issues. Many of us suffer attacks of our enemy while believing we do so alone. You are not alone.

We have all struggled with shame and/or discouragement from time to time, haven’t we? In a recent episode of Your Hope Filled Perspective, I had the opportunity to chat with counselor and coach, Tina Yeager, about hope for overcoming discouragement and shame. If you missed that episode, [Hope for Overcoming Shame and Discouragement – Episode 116] to listen in. I asked Tina to share more of her experience when she learned to stop struggling in silence with shame and discouragement.

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Struggling in Silence with Shame and Discouragement
By Tina Yeager

The scowling nurse slid the scale levers further. And further. She scrawled on my chart. My head drooped, as if all the extra weight had come from the blood rushing to my face.

If only.

I shuffled down the obstetrics hallway with my gaze fixed on the scuffed linoleum. I had starved myself for eight years, hoping to fade into “thin” air, if possible. But in the past few months I gained back twice my original size.

So much for striving to be the sort of beautiful that others might accept.

Instead, I saw myself in very different terms.






My purpose, in motherhood and otherhood, lay chained with me in that dungeon of “un” defined identity. I couldn’t have helped another soul from within the darkness of self-enmity. Neither in my home or beyond the threshold.

The Lord pursued me and guided my soul to freedom and purpose. He equipped me with truth weapons and divine armor against the darkness. Despite ongoing challenges, Christ poured life and restoration through me. He also compelled me to share the map from despair to triumph. Especially when I couldn’t ignore the vast number of sisters who shared my pain.

In story after story, women I counsel in my therapy and coaching practices also struggle with similar issues of significance and identity, shame and discouragement. I realized we all suffer the attacks of our enemy while believing we do so alone. Like captives in isolated dungeons, we struggle in silence.

Beyond my office, even further than the speaking event venues to which I could travel, countless women despaired of hope. So, I plunged the stylus of my calling into the inkwell of my heart. Through years of writing trials, the Lord urged me to persevere. I now have a guide to freedom which I can share with others.

I’m so thankful for the keys which unlocked true identity and purpose for my life. And for the lives of sister warriors I continue to meet on this divine adventure.

If you feel stuck in a life without worth or purpose, trapped by shame and discouragement, allow the lines of my life message to pull you toward freedom. Perhaps you and I will fight the darkness oppressing women together.

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About Tina Yeager

Tina Yeager, Award-Winning AuthorAward-winning author, speaker, licensed counselor, and life coach, Tina hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast and publishes Inkspirations Online, a devotional for writers.

Yeager also serves on the Christian Authors Network board, as a mentor with Word Weavers International, and as an active member of AWSA.

Come visit her for a virtual cup of java online at Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory over the Lies Formed Against You helps women identify and fulfill their potential as they discover Christ-centered significance.

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Like captives in isolated dungeons, we struggle in silence with shame and discouragement, significance and identity issues. Many of us suffer attacks of our enemy while believing we do so alone. You are not alone. #shame #discouragement #hope #faith