How To Fight Fearful Thoughts and Win

How To Fight Fearful Thoughts and Win

Just two weeks after we took my eldest son 1500 miles away to college, news and weather reports warned of an impending hurricane, a couple days from hitting the United States. During a time when we had anticipated hearing from him about classes and new friends, we were instead trying to make safe evacuation plans while continuously monitoring forecasts.

Nothing will make a mother more worried, fearful, or anxious than the welfare of our children. Unfortunately, our young children observe much more than we give them credit for. If we don’t learn how to effectively fight fearful thoughts, our children may learn to be anxious. No mother wants to be the cause of their child’s anxiety, but rather, a safe haven for them to find shelter.

God knew fear would be a fierce battle for us to fight. That’s why He gave us the tools we need to be effective in battle. Don’t allow fear and anxiety to run rampant in your mind. Read more for how to fight fearful thoughts and win.

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