Simple Honest Prayers

Simple Honest Prayers

“Now I lay me down to sleep…”
“God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food…”
Those are a couple of the rote prayers many children are taught to pray as an introduction to prayer growing up.

But what I really love are the heartfelt prayers of little ones. When my children were young, we didn’t teach them the rote prayers, but rather taught them to pray from their heart. I was often tickled by the prayers of my youngest son. [more]

He Sees You

He Sees You

The early morning temperatures were frigid, enough to make me want to stay in bed. Yet I knew if there was anywhere I might sense His presence, where He might see me, it would be in His house.

I half-wondered if the tears would freeze on my cheeks as I drove the deserted roads alone that morning. Pulling my cape around my head and neck to block the wind, I hoped it might shield any onlookers from noticing my blotchy eyes and puffy cheeks as I skirted from the parking lot into the building.

I spotted her as I entered the sanctuary, but diverted my gaze. [more]

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