When God Gave Me More Than I Could Handle

When God Gave Me More Than I Could Handle

Tears fell from my eyes as I hung up the phone from my physician. He was compassionate and kind, and I could tell he felt bad that there was only so much he could do to ease my pain and suffering while we searched for answers.

Friends had been texting, “Have you heard anything?” “What’s the latest?”

I sat for a moment blinking back the tears as my phone pinged to alert of another message coming in.

“I can’t handle any more,” I typed in response to a friend’s request for an update.

That’s just it. People, Christians included, often say that God won’t give you any more than you can handle, but that’s just not true. We’ve gotten it all wrong.

6 Tips For When Life is Hard

6 Tips For When Life is Hard

Trials. Stresses. Difficult Times.

We’ve all been there, right?

Jesus told us in this life we would face trials. He told us to just expect it. But thankfully, He didn’t just give us a handful of bad news and walk away. He also offered the encouragement that even though the trials would come, we could maintain our peace and calm assurance because He has already overcome anything we would face in this lifetime.

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