God Offers Hope (the When & Will of Trust)

God Offers Hope (the When & Will of Trust)

“My heart is breaking for you,” came the compassionate words of a friend as she held my hand while my shoulders heaved and sobs caught in my throat.

I found myself in circumstances that I could never have predicted nor imagined. In fact, I had tried to obey all the rules, do everything right, and tell the truth, yet it didn’t serve to make me immune from trial or heartache. Quite the contrary, I came to realize that many don’t value the truth. [more]

Ask Dr. B: How To Find a Mentor

Ask Dr. B: How To Find a Mentor

This week while Dr. Bengtson is continuing to recover from a several week-long bout with pneumonia, her friend and author Jayme Hull, will be answering a question based on her newly released book, “Face To Face Discover How Mentoring Can Change Your Life.”

Dear Jayme,

I know your book is about mentoring but how did your passion for mentoring begin?

Great question. When I arrived in NYC to become a Broadway star, I often felt about two inches tall and totally lost. Just a number in a huge crowd, surrounded by highly competitive people. Sure, I attended classes and knew a few people but I was not connected and certainly not plugged into a close community. [more]

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