The Fight For Joy

The Fight For Joy

“I want what you have,” she declared as she stared deep into my soul with her searching eyes.

I was a bit taken aback. “Excuse me?” What I really meant was, “What do you mean?”

“You’re always so full of joy. I can see it in your eyes.”

I’ve heard similar sentiments many times over in the last few years, and often it brings me to tears…tears of joy.

You Never Know How God Will Use You

You Never Know How God Will Use You

I’m going to be honest…I did it again. A couple days of slogging through my life as a writer left me in the familiar comparison mode.

As I spent the last couple days putting words on paper, I found myself crying out to God, “Is this making a difference? Is it worth it? Is there any eternal kingdom value in what I’m doing? Or are you done using me?”

That might have been okay, but I did what I know better than to do…compare. “God, so and so is doing such and such. Look at the impact they are having for the kingdom. Why aren’t you using me like that?” and on and on I went. It was a slippery slope down to feelings of inferiority, doubt, and frustration.

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