8 Lessons Scars Teach Us

8 Lessons Scars Teach Us

In this latest season of life, which I refer to as “the sacred journey,” I’ve learned eight lessons scars teach us. How do you react to the parts of you that you don’t like? The parts you hope others don’t ever see? The battle scars you remain left with?

Everyone has a scar of some kind. Some are visible on the outside of our physical body, while some are hidden, tucked away in our heart.

When we focus on Jesus, we see the lessons scars teach us. Read more here.

A Christmas Reflection for Mothers

A Christmas Reflection for Mothers

With one son a sophomore in high school, and another son a sophomore in college and in all likelihood never returning to live under our roof, I think about how fast the time has gone.

I recently searched for family photos for a project I was working on, and as I did, the years raced through my mind. Didn’t we bring them home from the hospital yesterday? It seemed like just a few days ago they learned to walk, talk, and ride a bike. How is it possible that our oldest is quickly approaching the launch into his career and our youngest is preparing to apply to college?

Maybe you’ve never done this, and maybe it’s just me, but I suddenly became very insecure in my mothering.

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