Sending a Child Out

Sending a Child Out

I had no idea how hard it would be to watch him walk away. In all the years of raising my son, I never thought about how painful it would be when he left home. A delight in our home, and the maker of many a “family chuckle,” his mere presence would be deeply missed as he began a new life 1500 miles from home.


This is what we’ve raised him for, for the last 19 years: to give him wings to not only fly (figuratively and literally in his case as he pursues a career as a pilot), but to soar. To follow the dream God instilled in his heart, and watch him make his way in the world.


Never Alone: 15 Bible Verses to Assure You When You Feel Alone

Never Alone: 15 Bible Verses to Assure You When You Feel Alone

“You’re going to be with me, right?”

A boating accident found my youngest son spending a Sunday afternoon in the emergency room. Then several weeks later, surgery was inevitable. As we sat at the dinner table the night before surgery was to take place, our son began asking questions. Up to that point, he seemed nonplussed and unconcerned. But the night before told a different story.

We had known the procedure was necessary and not elective for a couple weeks, but this was the first question my son had asked about the procedure.

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