Coronavirus: Choose Faith over Fear

Coronavirus: Choose Faith over Fear

With all the scare and panic associated with the Coronavirus, I wanted to share my thoughts in hopes of encouraging you and your families with faith over fear. I truly am struggling to understand the panic and pandemonium surrounding the Coronavirus. Store shelves are empty of items from toilet paper to Ramen noodles. While I agree that it is good to be cautious and prepared, my heart hurts to see the extent of worry, fear, and anxiety associated with this current health scare. Read more for trusting God in all things. He’s bigger than the Coronavirus.

Fear or Faith: You Choose

Fear or Faith: You Choose

“Mom? I’m really nervous about this exam.”

“A little nervousness is okay…it prompts you to prepare, to study, to do your due diligence.”

He went on to explain, “I just found out about this exam today. This is more than a little nervous, Mom. I’m jittery, jumping out of my skin, nauseous, and I can’t think clearly. It’s almost like I’m panicking. I’m just overwhelmed by it all.”

“You’re right Hon, that’s more than just a little nervousness. That’s a spirit of fear yelling at you.”

“So what do I do about it?”

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