Dream Big With God Next Year

Dream Big With God Next Year

As you contemplate a brand new year ahead, dream big but dream with God. Keep in mind the ultimate goal. Don’t be surprised if others can’t see your dream coming to fruition or even mock you for it. Remember that where God births a dream, He also provides the means to help us accomplish it. Perhaps most important of all, remember: the shortest distance to a dream fulfilled is the path of surrender to the dream giver!

It’s a New Year: Forgetting What is Past, Racing Toward the Prize

I want to be more intentional about living in the moment, practicing gratitude, appreciating how God has uniquely made me, and resting in Him. With an open mind and open heart, I prayerfully embrace all that God has for me in this next year. Will I stumble? I’m sure I will. And when I do, I will give myself grace. Even Paul acknowledged that he was not perfect nor had he fully arrived spiritually, but he continued to run the race, and I will too. The reward is the honor of being called by God. I can’t think of anything better.

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