Ways to Create a More Peaceful Christmas

Ways to Create a More Peaceful Christmas

Don’t we all desire a more peaceful Christmas? Our peace begins to dwindle from November 1st until the decorations come down sometime in January. Then, continues as the credit card bills start coming in. At the same time our peace evaporates, stress and anxiety rise. What a shame when the reason for the holiday is the celebration of the Prince of Peace.

What if I told you that you really can let go of some of the anxiety and overwhelm of the holiday season with some simple ways to create a more peaceful Christmas? Just making these simple changes helped me celebrate from a peaceful place. You can too!

Bring Back the Child

Bring Back the Child

“What happened?” I asked my husband, really inquiring as to where my youngest son went.

He had just been in our family room, dancing with wild abandon, choreographing a song for his performing arts group he dances with, then rapidly disappeared when my husband and I walked back into the house after chatting on the patio.

“I think he became self-conscious when he thought we might be watching.”

My heart sunk as I wondered when that happened. When did he go from being a carefree little boy to being self-conscious…even around those who loved him most, and would accept him even when others might not? [more]

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