10 Traits of Grace-Based Friends

10 Traits of Grace-Based Friends

God created us for fellowship, first with Him and then with others. Friendship is a gift from God, and toward the end of His ministry, Jesus even referred to His disciples as His friends. I’ve been blessed by several dear friendships over my life, but I’ve also experienced the dismay from toxic relationships. What a difference a grace-filled friend can make in our life. This week I have the pleasure of introducing my friend, Mary DeMuth to you. Mary has written a book about Seven Deadly Friendships, which I have had the privilege of reading and endorsing prior to its release. Not only do I believe her book will bless you, but I believe this post will as well, as Mary shares 10 Traits of Grace-Based Friends. I’d love to hear about some of your experiences in the comments below. There’s a Book Giveaway so be sure to read to the end!

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