One, two, three, four, five. Five jagged lines on her wrist. Five lines for a countdown. One- a lash out from her father. Two- lies spread like wildfire about her at school. Three- betrayed trust. Four- the laughing stock in science class. Five- a breakup with her boyfriend. All within the same week. She cried every night, but no one saw. She was always in the back of the class, so she wouldn’t be seen. She intentionally got detention so she had somewhere to go for lunch. Two thousand students attended the school. Not one said a word to her unless they had to. She slid her hoodie sleeve down her arm. It was the easiest way to hide the lines.

Could reaching out play a part in preventing a suicide?

A suicide attempt is made in the United States every thirty seconds. Every twelve minutes someone dies from suicide. Often times these people are from unstable homes. From families who don’t introduce Jesus to them often enough that they can grab onto the truth. If they die most people will ask, “What could we have even done?” then sadly, be on with their day. As Christians, we are the ones that are supposed to reach out and just, say “hi” in passing. To ask, “Hey, would you want to come to youth group with me this Wednesday?” and learn about them. The story of the good Samaritan pairs well with this. If we see someone in pain, will we pass by thinking ourselves righteous? Or cross the street because we truly are righteous?

A teenager at my school committed suicide

At my school, there was a suicide in November of 2017. I first heard that there was a girl. That it involved a train. That her name was Faith. From that information, I knew who it might be. But I couldn’t get a guarantee until two months later. Until I found someone who knew her last name. For two months I searched for the presumed identity of this girl. No one knew her last name. It ended up being the girl I had suspected all along. It was the girl I had invited to youth group several times, but she never came. But to invite her, I needed to know her name. And that was more than I could say for 99% of the rest of the school. Next time you see someone alone, be willing to ask their name. Because a simple way to reach out to someone can save their life.

Love makes a difference

“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). – Love those around you sincerely because love is stronger than sin and love makes a difference.


Love those around you sincerely because love makes a difference. #BibleVerse #love #faith


God Only Knows – be For King And Country

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Sharing Hope for the Next Generation

Bryce Bengtson, teen blogger, sharing Hope for the Next Generation
Bryce Bengtson
When a teenager commits suicide, classmates may ask what they could have done different. #suicide #teensuicide #mentalhealth


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