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Vonda Skelton
Vonda Skelton Founder & Co-Director of Christian Communicators Conference

When Dr. Michelle Bengtson speaks, she connects at the heart. You’ll feel like you’re having coffee with your best friend, but in reality, you’re receiving inspired direction on the complex issues of life, delivered with clarity, gentleness, and homespun wisdom.

Mary Jo Pleva
Mary Jo Pleva Senior Life Consultants, LLC

Dr. Bengtson’s depth of knowledge and education stand above others in her field and serve as an example of dedication to her patients.  Her kind and gentle demeanor with others places all at ease so her skills can help get to the root of the issues that hold people back from being the best they can be. My clients find her easy to talk with and I recommend her for all who need this type of in-depth examination.  Other healthcare providers tell me they rely on her expertise as part of a thorough healthcare exam.

Dr. Bengtson spoke to a group of geriatric care manager colleagues about the benefits of the neuropsychological examination.  Her knowledge of her field came through brilliantly in her remarks.  By explaining the path of the neuropsychological exam and the benefits received by the patient, she gave us the additional knowledge we needed to recommend an exam to our clients.  The results of this exam help us work with the strengths of our clients as we guide families through a difficult time. Dr. Bengtson is an excellent choice as a speaker for your group.  She will educate you while interspersing her comments with some lightheartedness that will keep your group happy and informed.


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