I spin the sword in my hand and thrust upward blocking a side down stroke. I drop to my feet and spin lightning fast dropping my sword from the interlock flashing it out in a series of ghost moves until I see an opening. My opponent tries to parry my false thrust and is met by a sword rushing at him in a different direction slipping through his armor and plunging deep. I turn away knowing that there is no threat from my opponent to find a dagger to my throat. The man holding it is heavy set and is grinning madly. “One step and it will be your last,” he whispers. I grin at him knowing what is about to happen. The arrow flashes through the air at a speed that makes it almost indiscernible. My opponent tumbles as I realize my partner and I are now on equal terms.

Sometimes we discover that we are fighting a battle we are not in control of. We can be fighting one problem and turn around to find another staring at us. We can have the best sword to fight with yet it can be worthless if we don’t know how to use it or we don’t know where it is. That’s like when we don’t read the Bible. We may have the tools to fight the devil but unless we use them, throwing a Bible might not do anything yet knowing what it says can save your life.

When we fight the devil it can be through ourselves, others, or a situation we are going through. When we are in need God is always there with His word ready to fire an arrow to end the difficulty but he can’t shoot unless you give Him full control. If we are the ones to try to take control He may be able to shoot but not with certainty that it won’t hit you but rather the enemy. If we give Him full control, He can shoot and drop your opponent yet not hit you.

1 Thessalonians 5:9 – “For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.” – God did not intend for us to be harmed but to prosper with Him.

“Overcomer” by Mandisa

Mandisa - Overcomer


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Are you fighting a battle you’re not in control of? God did not intend us to be harmed but to prosper with Him. Give control to the Lord and let Him fight for you.

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