We were driving down the road when we saw a tanker truck heading down I-70. On the side, we saw the warning of the contents being flammable. It was most likely carrying gasoline to a gas station somewhere. I thought about it for a little while. If the gas was to somehow catch on fire, I wondered how hot it would burn inside the truck…

Imagine with me that you are the tanker. God can light you and show your light to the world. The only thing is, normally the only time gas is burning brightly, is when there was a disaster or an accident. God can use that accident and turn it into something beautiful. He can make the sky look like flames in the evening or he can burn thousands of stars at once. God can make you a bright light that burns endlessly. You can make the fire into lava and let it solidify into obsidian or you can spark someone else so that they too can burn brightly for God. God can take a tragic accident and make it into something as beautiful as a sunset.


Show your light to the world. God can make you a bright light that burns endlessly. Spark someone else so they too can burn brightly for God. Bryce Bengtson, Hope For The Next Generation


God is amazing. Let’s face it. Whenever the devil tries to make a wreck so that you have to take longer to get to your destination God can turn it into a time to learn and turn your dial to make you burn hotter and brighter. If you are at a campfire, and you want to make s’mores, how many people actually get close to the fire? The heat pushes many away, but those who get close, THEY will be the ones to taste the sweetness of God’s love.

“The angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.” Exodus 3:2

-This verse means that even if you are scared, worried, or anything, God can use you and your circumstance for good!

Unspoken – Start a Fire

When the devil tries to use a situation to harm you, God can take it and turn it into a time to learn and turn your dial to make your flame burn hotter and brighter. God's amazing. Let's face it! Christian Inspiration for adolescents.


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