Dr. Bengtson will prayerfully work with you to customize any of the following topics or others to suit your time and needs.

Socks? What’s the Big Deal About Socks?

Dr. Bengtson uses humor to educate about the God-designed differences between the male and female brain to help us relate better in our relationships with the other gender.

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

When the Whole World is Laughing But You:  Depression is No Laughing Matter

Dr. Bengtson shares keys to understanding the root of anxiety, worry, and fear, with suggestions for how to take control instead of letting it control you!

  • Talk Time: 45-90 minutes

Running on Empty

Dr. Bengtson offers 3 Things Every Wife, Mother, Employee Need to Remember to Regain Their Sanity

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

Getting Younger Every Year: Lessons Learned from the Older Generation

Dr. Bengtson presents key advice for caring for aging parents with dementia.

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

I’ll Take a Side Order of Everything You’ve Got: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Raising Children Today

Dr. Bengtson shares about the problem with the entitled attitude of many of today’s youth, as well as what we can learn from them

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How? Keys to More Effective Communication with Your Child

Dr. Bengtson provides professional advice and experience for improving your verbal interactions with your children.

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

Hope After the Diagnosis: Hope for Families with Special Needs Children

Dr. Bengtson shares hope with families of special needs children and direction for continued help and support

  • Talk Time: 45-90 minutes

Attitude is Everything: Advice for Setting Your Mind and Your Words for Success

Dr. Bengtson emphasizes key principals for monitoring our mind and our words to effectively influence our future success.

  • Talk Time: 45 minutes

How to Fight Fearful Anxious Thoughts and Win!

Free Download: How To Fight Fearful/Anxious Thoughts and Win!

Free Printable with 8 steps to help you win the fight over fearful/anxious thoughts.

When life brings uncertainty, we bring perspectives to give you a hope-filled future.

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