Truly Fit: Created to Stand Out by Dr. Michelle Bengtson


Have you ever felt like things in your life didn’t fit quite right?

Maybe your clothes felt too loose or too tight.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your job.

Possibly, you’ve felt like You didn’t fit in with those around you.

On many levels I can relate to each of those scenarios.

I stood in my closet, slowly but steadily beginning the mental descent into frustration. I had an event to attend moments later, yet I fell into a slump on my closet floor as I berated myself for gaining weight, leaving me insecure in my ill-fitting clothes.

To make matters worse, the shoes that matched the outfit I finally resigned myself to wear didn’t fit either. They tugged and rubbed in all the wrong places, and threatened to fly off my foot at any time.

A physical deformity of one of my feet means I’ve never had shoes that truly fit. And being of very petite stature, rarely have clothes ever truly fit either; but add a few extra pounds to my small frame and buttons would pop right off.

After assessing my outward appearance, and feeling less than satisfied, I continued in the same mental vein as I considered the condition of other aspects of my life.

I had outgrown and no longer seemed to fit what I previously considered to be “the perfect position,” and no longer experienced the same pleasure or fulfillment I once enjoyed. Yet the door hadn’t yet opened for me to leave or find the next position in my journey.

Just like the slippery slope on a diet when you’ve already eaten half a package of cookies and figure “what’s one more?” I seemed to fall prey to considering yet another area I no longer seemed to fit: my social group. Sadly, I no longer felt like I truly fit in with those I was surrounded by.

I surveyed my relationship with those in many of my common circles and concluded many of our values didn’t sync up with each other. Additionally, many were in different stages of life, either single, newly married, or with young children, or on the other end of the spectrum, enjoying their empty nests and considering retirement. Or God had us on different paths, and if I didn’t guard my heart and mind, I was prone to comparing my success or progress with theirs, feeling as if I didn’t fit.

God has shown me repeated grace and mercy. Just recently as I shared with a couple of friends about my desire to “truly fit,” the Lord gently showed me the error of my thinking.

Jesus never truly fit. He was scorned in His own town, and mocked, betrayed, and crucified for being different from not only the rest of the world, but different from whom the world expected.

The Creator of the universe made us both to 1) not fit in, and 2) to fit perfectly, both at the same time.

In many respects, He created us to not fit in. He never desired for us to blend in with our surroundings. Instead, He created us to be a light. Light doesn’t fit in darkness-it displaces it.

He considers us salt. Salt doesn’t fit in, it doesn’t just blend in-it accentuates, punctuates, and gives flavor to otherwise bland food.

My son performs with a Christian youth performing arts group whose motto is to teach others to “Stand Up, Stand Strong, and Stand Out” for Jesus. He didn’t create us to truly fit in, He created us to stand out for Him.

He created us to be an outpouring of His love. Without Jesus, the world doesn’t know how to love. Yet Scripture assures that “they will know we are Christians by our love” (John 13:35), a love that stands out and makes a difference.

Science seeks to predict and explain. It seeks to make separate pieces of knowledge fit into a comfortable whole. Yet God is beyond explanation. Until we meet Him face to face in heaven, we will never be able to explain God. Instead of fitting Him into predictable boxes, God desires that we just believe.

How do you stand out for Him?

While today we’ve focused on how rather than fitting in, God created us to stand out, next time we’ll see how He created us to fit perfectly.

Hope Prevails,
Dr. B

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