Have you ever been in a situation where you want to trust someone or something, but it’s difficult despite your desires?

In my own life, I find it easiest to trust someone or something when I’m not wedded to being in control. Once my need or desire to control a situation becomes paramount, my willingness to lend trust elsewhere is squelched.

Unfortunately, this happens in my relationship with God as well. In order for Him to be Lord of our lives, we must be willing to surrender control. As long as we try to pilot our lives, leaving Him only the position of co-pilot, we don’t fully trust Him or allow Him position of being Lord.

What He desires is complete surrender. A willingness for Him to be in control of our relationships, our circumstances, our finances, our attitudes, our emotions…everything. Complete surrender means giving up control. Recognizing that He knows infinitely more than we do about what is best.

It’s my need to control that inhibits my ability to completely trust Him.

I’ve shared with others that I can completely trust God for your situation. I can even completely trust God to answer your prayers for my situation. Where I struggle most is to completely trust God to answer my prayers for myself. Why? He has shown me that it’s because then I have a greater need to control how and when He will answer.

It is only when I surrender my need to control that I can fully trust God and allow Him to not only carry my burdens but also to shoulder the responsibility for the outcome.

The most wonderful thing is that despite the illusion, I’m never really in control, but I am deeply loved by the one who is!

Where do you need to let go of control in order to trust Him fully?

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