Will I trust the Lord even if I lose my husband? My children? My friends?
Will I maintain my trust in Him if I no longer had my business? My dream?
Will I trust unswervingly despite my circumstances?

Scripture tells us that those who trust in the Lord will not be disappointed (Romans 10:11).

Peace comes from trusting God

When difficulties come, so often our first response is to ask “why?” Yet the answer to our why’s rarely brings peace. Peace comes from trusting God despite not knowing the answer to why.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” (Isaiah 26:3)


When difficulties come, so often our first response is to ask “why?” Yet the answer to our why’s rarely brings peace. Peace comes from trusting God despite not knowing the answer to why. Christian Inspirational Quote #BibleVerse


Furthermore, He promises to help us and shield us if we will first trust Him.

“All you who fear the Lord, trust the Lord! He is your helper and your shield” (Psalm 115:11).

Trusting God in Fearful, Difficult Circumstances

I recently went through a situation where my faith was being tried and the outcome was frustrating and painful. I had been in prayer about the situation for months. I knew God had shown me a picture of the situation, and I believed for the outcome to align with the picture He had given me.

The circumstances required that I take a stand for myself and my beliefs, and what I believe God intended. It required that I step outside my comfort zone and step into bold courage, standing up for the conviction God placed in my heart.

But in the natural, things were not turning out the way I believed they would, and not in accordance with the picture He had given me.

My first response was to draw this to God’s attention as if He wasn’t already aware: “God, I don’t understand. I don’t understand why you would give me this picture if the outcome isn’t going to match up with it.” I must’ve prayed that prayer three days in a row until I let Him speak to my heart.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

I knew what He was really asking: “Do you trust me even when you don’t have the answer to ‘why?’?”

“Yes, Lord. I still don’t understand why you would show me this image if things are not going to turn out to match the image you gave me. But I don’t have to understand. I choose to trust you anyway.”

When we trust God completely, His perfect love drives out fear

When we can say “Yes, Lord, I trust you…you are love…I was created by you to love you and to be loved…you are my provider…you are my savior…you are my protector…I trust you to be all these things in my life,” then we can be set free from fear. Perfect love drives out fear and peace rules. In trusting Him, and not my circumstances or the answers to my questions, I will not be disappointed.

Is there a “Why?” you’ve been holding onto, that you need to let go of, and trust God in spite of no answer?


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