Even in the midst of the storm raging all around the world, God wants to know: will you trust Him in the storm? Will you be thankful regardless of the storm around you? Even when you don’t see Him? Even when you don’t feel His presence?

I’ve learned a few things about trusting God in the middle of the storm….

Trusting God in the storm

Whenever I have the chance to go the coast, I go.

And when I’m there, God and I have an agreement: since He is gracious enough to create the sunrise, I will get up and appreciate the splendor, no matter how early.

On a family trip to the ocean, I set my alarm for o’dark-thirty, got up, and padded my way down to the surf. I toted my towel, coffee mug, and camera along as creature comforts.

That particular morning as I sat on the cool damp sand, waiting expectantly for a beautiful burst of rainbow hues to explode over the ocean’s horizon, I was taken a bit by surprise when storm clouds engulfed me. Off in the far distance I could see the tiniest familiar glimmer of pink while dark billows loomed overhead. Yet as I sat patiently waiting, one drop fell, then two. Within moments the ominous storm clouds overhead pelted me like arrows from their quiver, cold and sharp.

Hints of His splendor remained off at the horizon but I sat left out in the storm. While I would not be witness to its majesty that day, someone somewhere was surely viewing the glorious heavenly pinks, purples, oranges and yellows of a new day.

How do I get through the storms of life?

I sat and questioned: where was He in my storm?

As the rain fell, soaking me through my towel and through my clothing, my heart felt cold and damp too. Recent events left me feeling a bit left out in the rain and wondering where He was in my storm.

Over the last few years, I’ve ridden in and out of storms and learned a few things through them all.

Sometimes He calms the storm before it has time to cause destruction, and sometimes He waits for us to come to Him in the midst of our storm.

Sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes He waits out the storm with us to prove He is with us in the storm.

That thunderous stormy morning, just because I didn’t see a magnificent sunrise didn’t mean He wasn’t there. He was equally there in the wind and the waves, in the moving dark clouds and in the rain. In one word He created them, and in one word He could tell them to be still.

Will you trust God in your storm?

He was no less present and no less powerful in our storm than in a peaceful sunrise, just because it doesn’t look like we desire. The question is, will you trust Him in the storm and be thankful regardless?

Tomorrow is a new day and a new sunrise, but we must be intentional about not missing out on the blessings and lessons He has for us today, even in the midst of the storm.

Because of Him, #HopePrevails


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Even in the midst of the storm raging all around the world, God wants to know: will you trust Him in the storm? Will you be thankful regardless of the storm around you? Even when you don’t see Him. Even when you don’t feel His presence. #TrustGod #faith