I was caught up in the laughter of joyful banter with my girlfriend and the soft fall breeze as I stepped into the road, when my senses were assaulted.

“Wait! Stop!” shouted the woman across the street.

Just milliseconds before, the traffic light had changed to green and my friend and I had proceeded to begin crossing the street, engrossed in conversation.

As the woman across the street yelled her warning to us, we stopped in a panic…right in the middle of the street…our feet frozen to the pavement neither across the street, nor safely back where we started, but rather, prime targets for the trucks turning across our path, honking their displeasure.

All of faith is about stepping into something that isn’t. The unknown.

Refocusing your trust on God

On the night the storm raged about him, Peter stepped out of the boat and onto the sea, and walked toward Jesus. Humanly speaking, it wasn’t safe. It wasn’t dry ground. It wasn’t a rational decision. But as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, trusting him with every ounce of his being, it was do-able and it was the right thing.

As long as my friend and I kept our focus ahead and kept walking, we were relatively safe. It was the right thing. Yet the moment we listened to the input of others, yelling at us on our path to “stop,” we stood paralyzed in fear cemented to the pavement, becoming prey for all manner of danger.

Have you ever felt like Peter? Like Jesus was calling you out to walk on water? To trust Him completely? And while you did, you were fine…but when you looked down, you began to sink?

I’ve been there many times. And I’m thankful for the times that I begin to sink because they remind me to refocus my trust on Him. Keep my gaze upon Him.

Just like when I started to walk into the crosswalk without keeping my gaze in the right spot and could have been seriously hurt, so too can I get hurt when I take my eyes off trusting God.

Trusting God wholeheartedly

One of my favorite songs is Oceans by Hillsong.

Hillsong United - "Oceans" (Live at RELEVANT)

That song so perfectly depicts how God often calls us out to places that don’t make sense, that without Him would leave us drowning, and that require our wholehearted trust in Him.

It is in those times that we must call out to Him, keeping our eyes on Him rather than on our circumstances. Trusting what we know to be true despite what we see in the natural.

We are never guaranteed our tomorrow, but we are guaranteed that with each tomorrow, as we walk into the unknown, He will go with us, guide us and protect us. Our job is to trust Him.

What kind of unknowns are you walking in today that are requiring you to trust Him?



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God sometimes calls us to walk into the unknown. A place where we must trust Him completely with every ounce of our being. We may need to readjust our focus to Jesus and away from our circumstances. Read more for trusting God as He calls you into the unknown. #God #faith #trust #trustGod