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Last week, I offered a Thanksgiving blog that was rather introspective and perhaps a bit philosophical. Today I want to offer something a little more digestible, specifically a list of tangible things I am thankful for. The significant things always come up during Thanksgiving—family, friends, health, good fortune, salvation, engaging work, and so on, and those are good! They are, after all, the significant things. But there are also many mundane, not-so-significant things for which I am thankful.

What am I thankful for?

These are tangible things I use regularly and are in some way unique. The things on this list won’t make the Top 10 at any dinner table discussion of gratitude, but they make my life easier or better, and I hope you find them interesting, and maybe useful.

1) iPhone Otter box case

It saves me from buying a new phone several times a year. The phone wouldn’t survive without the case, but the case takes the nicks and dents with no problem. Durable and compact. Multiple sizes and styles.

2) Sonicare toothbrushes

My dentist can tell, and it makes a difference at my semi-annual checkups. I’m on my second one after my first finally failed 10 years in, and I won’t regularly use anything else. Multiple styles and prices.

3) Costco subscription

There is always something new when you visit Costco, and we have found several items that we can’t or won’t source elsewhere. Unique and superior products, and sometimes large quantities. Membership required.

4) Lindor truffles

When they’re around the house they just mysteriously disappear. The perfect mouthful between meals. Multiple counts and flavors.

5) Packing Cubes

You’re at your destination and you are rooting through your bag for that one little thing, and as you rummage everything else gets wrinkled and displaced. These packing cubes prevent that. Things stay where you put them, and accessing anything is much easier.

6) Danish Kringle

We’ve gifted this at Christmas for years, and after the first time, our receivers request it again! We’ve received it, too—wonderful! Multiple sizes, styles and flavors.

7) Reformation Study Bible – New King James Version leather bound or English Standard Version leather bound

My favorite study Bible. It’s full of commentary and background written by scholars who have spent their professional lives researching the Bible, and who hold to the “solas” proclamations of the Reformation-Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone, scripture alone, and to the glory of God alone. Get a flexible (leather?) binding so it will lay flat while you take notes or cross reference. Get a sturdy version-you’ll be using it for years.

8) Life Essentials Study Bible

A recent gift from a friend. The side notes include QR codes that will pull up short video tutorials on the subject. 250 hours of video total over 1500 subjects. Also available in Kindle version.

9) “Verses” smartphone app

Very engaging app that lets you choose the verses you want to memorize, and then tracks your progress by verse and by time. It’s easy to get caught up going from verse to verse and spend more time than you plan to on it. A very productive way to “waste time.” iPhone or Android.

10) “e-Sword LT” smartphone app

My favorite digital Bible study tool and another product that I’ve used for over a decade. When my laptop went sideways years ago before the mobile version came out, the thing I most regretted losing was the study notes from the version I was using then. In an integrated package it offers multiple Bible versions, both free and for purchase, Strong’s and Thayer’s concordances, and multiple commentaries, both free and for purchase. From one verse or chapter you can quickly click over to compare other translations, and scan through applicable commentaries. Sorry, for iPhone, Mac, or PC only.

11) “Daily Audio Bible” smartphone app

Hearing scripture is a different experience than reading it. Even when your eyes or hands are otherwise occupied you can still listen to the Word of God. The Daily Audio Bible was started in 2005 by Brian Hardin, a pastor, and he continues to read for the daily podcast, reading through the Bible each year. iPhone and Android apps and browser.

As you look around you, what are some of the tangible things you are thankful for, that just make life easier or sweeter? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Scott Bengtson

I’m thankful for the significant things like family, friends, and health. But, I’m also thankful for tangible things. This list of things I am thankful for makes my life easier or better. Tangible things I use regularly and are in some way unique.