What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Do you ever wonder what to do?

Do you ever feel directionless?

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you didn’t see a way?

I have. Many times.

It wasn’t fun.

But when I look back and reflect on some of those times in my life, I amazed at what I see in the looking back.

In looking at my life journey through a rear-view mirror, I can see much more clearly now that during those times when I didn’t know what to do, and I couldn’t see how God could make a way, He was always at work. I just couldn’t see it then through the fog and the mist of my circumstances.

I’m a planner…I like to plan from A to Z and know all the stops in between. It provides a false sense of security. I don’t know about you, but God rarely shows me from A to Z. Many times He doesn’t even show me A to B.

I was recently talking to a friend and we agreed knowing what we know now, that if we had known how much work, how much money, and how difficult it was going to be to get our respective advanced degrees, we likely wouldn’t have pursued the same dreams.

I think that’s why God often doesn’t show us A to Z, or even A to B. He knows it would be more than we are prepared for. Often, He only shows the thing we are to do right now in this moment. Then He waits. He waits for our heart to become receptive. He waits for us to be obedient in the small things. And then He show us step B.

In the rear-view mirror, I see from my past journeys that wherever God wanted me to travel with Him, He has always made a path where I could see none. He reminds us in Isaiah 43:19 that He is doing a new thing. Before you will see the masterpiece He is creating in your life, you must be obedient to the thing He has called you to today.

Trust Him. He is faithful. He will make a way.

What do you need to trust Him for today?