I ran around the room grabbing at everything that looked interesting. I just drank a full cup of coffee and I could not calm down. I was so energized I put on my running shoes and started a run. I raced up a hill and barreled down the other side at my fastest pace. I loved the feeling of the wind messing up my hair as I ran. As I slowed and turned around I realized how fast I had burned out. I started walking as I trudged back to the house.

Sometimes we are so energized by our own desires that we disregard God’s plan and strike out on our own. We want to move quicker and rush ahead to where you’re going that you barrel out the door forgetting your Bible and not going back for it. Sometimes what we do is right with God’s plan but often we run ahead of Him.

I’m not saying being energized and fast is bad but it can often lead you to quick decisions that are unwise and dangerous. When we pass by God in our rush, He is always there waiting for you to slow down and ask Him if what you think is right is in line with Him. It’s amazing what you can do when you are willing to talk to God and, not just talk about Him but talk to Him. For real. God can not only adjust your course by a degree so it lines up perfectly, but He can make it go farther than you could ever imagine.

Proverbs 16:3- “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”— Allow God to choose your plan and you will prosper in Him.

Guard Your Heart

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Have you ever been so energized by your own desires that you disregarded God’s plan and struck out on your own? Whose plan will you follow? Allow God to choose your plan and you will prosper in Him.

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