We recently took a trip that featured a 2-1/2 hour tour through the mountains – on a zip line! It was the highlight of the trip. Both of my sons agreed. Nothing compares to zipping through the mountains, hundreds of feet in the air!

My younger son conveyed surprise that I did it. He thought I would hesitate in fear! He didn’t remember that I’ve led the pack on snowmobiles, snow skis and jet skis.

After thinking about his comments many times, I considered the other mothers on the tour who were afraid. There was a time when I would have been scared as well.

No Fear

During my first year of clinical internship while earning my doctorate, I participated in a high level ropes course. That course terrified me in many ways! I surveyed the course and pleaded with my guide, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

More than 20 years have passed since that internship ropes course. I’ve since learned the key is to trust God to keep me safe and provide for me.

 I compare trusting God to a muscle. Faith and trust become stronger the more you use it. When the days are hard, trusting in Him is how you make it through.

A couple of reasons contributed to my lack of fear during my recent trip, even while I hung extended hundreds of feet above the ground. First, we trusted our experienced guides who were well trained and used proper safety precautions. In my everyday life, God is my guide. I can trust Him to be the voice behind me that says this is the way to go. He goes before us and behind us and promises that He will never leave us. We can fully trust Him.

Trusting the equipment also supported my lack of fear on the zip line tour. We had harnesses. At all times, we were attached to the zip line in one or more places. The never failing word of God is the equipment we use in our everyday lives. God uses His word to instruct us on what we should do and how we should do it. And, if we lack wisdom, all we have to do is ASK and He will freely give it.

Fear can stop us in our tracks, paralyzing our forward momentum. Yet, God’s truth sets us free.

We can freely enjoy the lives He has given us.

What fears do you need to entrust to Him today?

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