Never underestimate the reason God has your path cross another’s. Sometimes it’s for you. Sometimes it’s for them. But He always has His reasons.

Some who cross our paths will make an impression that lasts a lifetime. Make sure you tell them. Don’t wait–you never know when it will be too late.

Today I found out that one of my all-time favorite patients died. My heart is heavy. Before I received that news, I shared with three different people in my office today that it is part of my mission that people would find grace, mercy, peace, and His love when they seek care from my office.

I want my patients to leave my care being changed. They may never know why. They may never know what to attribute it to. Or maybe they will. But I want them to have an encounter with the same love that my Savior offers me every day, the same mercy, the same grace.

After sharing that sentiment with three different people in three different conversations, I received the news of my patient’s death. I can only pray that I was successful in that mission with him and his family; that I did all I could do to make an impact on their lives. That when they left my office, they were changed for the better.

I know that the diagnosis was not what they would have wanted–it rarely is. No one comes to my office because they want to be there. And I rarely get to deliver good news.

For years I have asked the Lord why He led me into a profession where everyday I have to be the bearer of bad news: “Your son has autism,” “Your father has Alzheimer’s,” “Your daughter has ADD,” “Your concussion has significantly impaired your cognitive abilities” and so on.

What He has shown me is that He didn’t put me in this position to deliver bad news; He put me in this position to spread HOPE despite the negative circumstances, because in Him, #HopePrevails!

So as I read the note from my patient’s wife, and tears streamed down my cheeks, “…we will always be thankful for the kindness you and your staff showed my husband and my family…” I release them back to Him, praying that in these difficult days ahead, He will continue to be their source of Hope, and that I will continue to have the privilege of being a conduit of His HOPE that prevails.

I will never forget this patient or his family. Nor will I ever take my role in their lives, or my other patients’ lives lightly.

We cannot afford to underestimate the reason God puts us in another’s path. Let us be faithful to the call. We may be an instrument God uses to lead them back to their only true source of hope.

Because of Him,



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Never underestimate the reason why our paths cross another’s. Sometimes it’s so we may be an instrument God uses to lead another to their only true source of hope.