Sometimes it’s easy to pray, but with a seed of doubt. Sometimes we pray wondering, “Is God really going to answer my prayers?”

I was recently encouraged reading Psalm 17:6, which challenged me in my heart about how I pray. It says, “I am praying to you, because I know you will answer, God.”

David was praying to God. He didn’t get on social media, or run to his friends for advice. He didn’t ask his parents for their perspective, or even seek the wisdom of his pastor. He took his needs straight to God (“I’m praying to you…God.”)

Why? “…because I know you will answer.”

I love when Scripture uses the word “will” because it gives us confidence. It gives us reason to believe, it gives us reason to trust. It’s a word marked with certainty, as in a promise.

Recently I had the opportunity to deliver a message to a church congregation, and I shared from Isaiah 61:1-3, and there were so many promises packed in those few verses about how God will comfort the brokenhearted, release the captives, free the prisoners, give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, and festive praise instead of despair. Every time I came to the word “will,” I felt the need to emphasize it because it offered another promise to hold on to and it filled me with such joy because those are the things we can stand on because God is not a man so He cannot lie. So every time He says the word “will,” we can count on it!

I love this verse from Psalm 17:6 because we have a promise that God will answer our prayers.

How many times do you pray, really believing and knowing that God WILL answer—not hoping, not wondering but knowing that God will answer?

I want to challenge you to go to Him with your needs first—go to Him before you go to your friends, before you go to your parents, before you go to your pastor, before you go to your counselor. Before you put the post out on social media, go to God in prayer. Before you even turn the lights on in the morning, go to God in prayer, knowing He will answer.

But don’t put Him in a box. Don’t tell Him how He has to answer your prayer. Because however He chooses to answer, whenever He chooses to answer, know that it will be the best answer for you and for your circumstance, and for His glory.

Hope-filled perspective: Pray believing He will answer

Because of Him, #HopePrevails!


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How many times do you pray, really believing and knowing that God WILL answer—not hoping, not wondering but knowing that God will answer?
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