“I’m busy. Crazy busy.” That’s a pretty common confession. Do you feel like you’re so busy, you don’t have time to talk to God, to listen or to pray? in today’s post, Kim Avery shares what to do when you feel like you’re too busy to pray.

On a recent episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast, I chatted with Kim Avery about partnering with God in business and life. If you’re not sure what it looks like to partner with God, be sure and check out the podcast episode.

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Too Busy to Pray
by Kim Avery

Two words killed him.

Two words contributed to the sinking of the mighty Titanic.

These are two words you may utter every single day that can kill your business.

Two Deadly Words

Meet Jack Phillips, the young entrepreneurial telegraph operator on duty the night the unsinkable Titanic went down. A hard worker, Jack was all too happy to make some extra money that fateful night by sending celebratory wireless messages out to the world.

Jack was a great employee, focused and diligent in his all endeavors.

Unfortunately, that particular night Jack was so focused on his goal he intentionally chose to ignore the new wireless messages coming in. Messages that warned of icebergs ahead. Messages that could have saved his life.

In spite of his distraction, the urgent messages kept coming.

Finally, Jack stopped what he was doing and took time to reply, “Shut up. Shut up. I’m busy.”

“I’m busy.” Two simple words you and I utter every day.

I’m Busy

Receiving Jack’s communication, the wireless operator of the closest ship (one that could have rushed to Titanic’s aid) turned off his machine and went to bed.

All hope of potential rescue was gone.

What went wrong?

Jack was dedicated to the details and working hard. In fact, later that evening he acted in truly heroic ways. But Jack made a deadly mistake by not listening to those who knew things he didn’t.

Embarrassing Confession

I can relate. As a coach, a businesswoman, a wife, mother, and more, I’m busy. Crazy-busy. And while it’s embarrassing to confess, I’ll admit that some days I think I’m too busy to talk to God, to listen, to pray.

To pray to the Almighty, All-Knowing God of the Universe who…

  • Knows what’s going to happen before it ever occurs (Isaiah 46:9-10)
  • Offers wisdom every step of the way (James 1:5)
  • Owns every resource I’ll ever need (Psalm 24:1)
  • Can open doors for me that no one can close (Revelation 3:8)
  • Promises to give back with bonus and blessing everything I give away (Luke 6:38)
  • And so much more!

How can I be too busy for that? For Him?

How About You

“I’m busy” is the constant heart cry of the overwhelmed entrepreneur. We work as hard as we can trying to generate business, pay the bills, and serve our clients.

Yet, in steaming full speed ahead we may miss out on opportunities only God can create, not hear key guidance He wants to give, and miss important things just below the waterline that only God can see. Worst of all, we may miss out on Him.

Satan tempts us to think we are too busy to pray. That’s a lie. As entrepreneurs, we know we are too busy NOT to pray.

Only a Breath Away

In Jeremiah 33:3, God says, “Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV).

It can be as simple as that… With just a few words, in just a few minutes, you can talk to God today.

  • At 9:00 am, before you talk to that client, God invites you, “call me and invite me into that space.”
  • When you email that new connection at noon, “call out to me, and ask me to go ahead and pave the way.”
  • When you can’t pay the bills and anxiety is high, “call me. I am the God of all peace, and I have a plan.”

At every transition point through the day, we can talk to God and let him supply our needs.

This is God’s business. It is here to serve his purposes and be run by his power, to bring supernatural results for the glory of his name.

God is available right here, right now. We never have to worry that we are too busy to pray.



About Kim Avery, MA, Certified Business Coach

Kim Avery, Business Coach

After leaving her career as a counselor to become a Professional Life Coach, Kim also became an accidental entrepreneur. Coaching was in its infancy then, so it took her years of trial and error and training to create a path to success. Since that time, she’s made it her goal to help other Christian coaches and entrepreneurs shorten and streamline the business building process.

Kim is now a successful business coach, Vice-President of Marketing at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, co-host of the Professional Christian Coaching Today podcast, author of The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur: 31 Days to Building Your Business with Less Stress and More Joy.

Connect with Kim: Website / Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn

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pin “I’m busy. Crazy busy.” That’s a pretty common confession. Do we feel like we’re so busy, we don’t have time to talk to God, to listen or to pray? Kim Avery shares what to do when you feel like you’re too busy to pray.