Recently when I was traveling in my home state, the trees were just beginning to change in color.  Is I traveled the northern country roads, and I saw the beauty of fall color, I was reminded that change doesn’t happen all at once.  Change is a process. It happens little by little.


But really, that’s an interesting thing.  Even as the trees change their color, and they have reached the state where all the leaves they hold have changed to their final color, change is not over.  The trees will then begin another round of transformation.  They begin to lose their leaves in preparation for winter.  For many trees, sap will begin to grow and permeate their membranes.  Then change will come again as buds begin to form on the trees and leaves again begin to grow.  Each season of change is beautiful in its own right, but never ending.

tree without leavestree with snow on it


That is just like us.  God works and tweaks and changes us to be more like Him.  Then when we have victory in an area, he begins to work and tweak and change us in another area.

trees in bloom


Ecclesiastes 3:3 tells us “There is a right time for everything” (The Living Bible) or as it says in the Good News Translation, “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.”

tree in summer

What area is God working to change you?