How many times in a day, week, or month do you ask, “What if…?” I know that when I start asking “What if…?” I’ve opened up the door to worry, fear, and anxiety. And that’s not a pleasant place to camp out.

There is a reason God told us over 300 times in the Bible to “Do not be afraid,” “Fear not,” and “Be anxious for nothing.” He knew we would struggle.

This year, as I worked on my next book for publication (releasing September, 2019) about exchanging our worry, fear, and anxiety for God’s promised peace, I had many opportunities to put it into practice. Many times “What if…?” got the better of me.

“What if my husband and son have an accident on their cross-country trip to move him into his apartment?”
“What if finances don’t improve?”
“What if the diagnosis is cancer?” and then, “What if chemotherapy doesn’t eliminate the cancer?”

Living in a pool of worry, fear, or anxiety is a miserable place to reside. It’s not God’s best for us, and it’s polar opposite to a life lived in peace, the peace He came to give, and the peace that defies our human understanding.

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Because of Him,  #HopePrevails!


Living a life of worry, fear and anxiety makes us miserable. We were made to brave anxiety and live a life of peace. Read more for what to do when anxiety hits. #anxiety #mentalhealth