No matter who you are or what your story is, God’s redemptive grace is available to you. It can resurrect your life and point you to Jesus. I recently chatted with Tamar Miller on an episode of Your Hope-Filled Perspective podcast about how to receive God’s redeeming grace and live a life that glorifies him. If you missed that episode, listen here: [How To Receive God’s Redeeming Grace – Episode 214].

Today, Tamar shares 4 ways of showing grace before leaving homebase, whether you’re saying goodbye to a young adult leaving for college or a family member leaving home only for the day. Simple gestures of grace make a difference.

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4 Ways of Showing Grace Before Leaving Homebase
by Tamar Miller

How often do you consider what your daily departing words or farewell actions might entail prior to saying goodbye to a loved one before they head out the door to their intended destination?

Showing grace intentionally

The value of showing grace before leaving home base became apparent to me as my oldest son headed off to college. He would now be living on his own, no longer under our roof, facing an uncertain journey of decision making, meeting new people, contemplating his future, adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, and learning to cope with change. Currently, his season at home lasts only a few days before he leaves out the front door again to head back to his college residence for weeks at a time.

For each occasion of saying goodbye, I ponder what my departing words should be to him, how best to encourage him before he heads out; if my farewell actions might remind him how much he is loved, cared about, and prayed for by his family. However, my showing grace before leaving homebase can also be beneficial toward my husband each day before he drives to his job location. My farewell response to my younger son before he opens the car door and joins other classmates for school can set the tone for how he faces uncertain hardship for that day.

Perhaps like me, you want to start your morning with hope and anticipation for what the day may bring, even amid daunting circumstances or demanding scenarios, and thus positively impact the lives of your loved ones with simple gestures of grace. Each day can present a mixture of negative messages, anxious thoughts, stressful tasks, bouts of temptation, valid fears, or complicated relationships. Showing grace, offering mercy, extending kindness, and demonstrating love to your family members, friends, or coworkers is a daily choice, though not always easy, but greatly helpful as you seek to serve others for the glory of God.

God’s Word in Galatians 6:9-10 urges, “Let us not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us work for the good of all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith.”

Showing grace before leaving homebase

I want share 4 Ways of Showing Grace Before Leaving Homebase, which can be done promptly, briefly, and regularly to provide daily encouragement to your loved ones prior to saying goodbye.

1) Affirmation

Show grace by providing your loved one with departing words of affirmation. This could include a short comment on how well they accomplished a major task or achieved a minor victory or overcame a nagging temptation. Perhaps you remind them that the Lord strengthens and sustains by His power, so they can rely on Him. This could be an opportunity to let them know how much you appreciate them, perhaps to offer a word of praise or a statement of gratitude for that which you are thankful for them.

2) Acknowledgement

Show grace by vocally acknowledging to your loved one that you recognize they may be struggling in a particular area. Maybe they are facing confusion with a certain decision or experiencing hardship with a specific individual. This is not necessarily the time to offer advice or feedback or suggestions, but you can voice out loud a short prayer to the Lord on their behalf regarding the issue at hand. Then remind them that you care about the difficulty they are dealing with and will continue to pray for them as they navigate this tough road. Encourage them that they have what it takes to endure and persevere.

3) Assurance

Show grace by assuring your loved one that you are on their side. Confirm to them that you are there for them, you are committed to their well-being, you believe in them, and that you support them as your loved one. They may be facing strong opposition at work or stress at school and feel alone in their environment. This might not mean that you can completely agree with all their choices, but perhaps you speak words that assure them of your unwavering love for them and devotion to them. Even if you cannot completely understand their troubles, you can assure them that you are available to listen.

4) Affection

Show grace by a physical act of friendly and appropriate affection. This could be embracing them in a hug, quick kiss on the cheek, fist bump, high five, pat on the back, or a squeeze of the hand, just a brief way to connect with your loved one in a tactile way. Regardless how your farewell gesture is initiated, my recommendation is that your final departing words are used to remind your loved one that you love and/or respect them and that Jesus loves them too, no matter what, come what may. Keep in mind, parting words may need to include, “I am sorry…I was wrong…please forgive me,” depending on how the morning goes prior to leaving the house or exiting the car.

There are many additional options of showing grace before leaving homebase to your loved ones beyond these 4 ways, so feel free to get creative. But keep it simple and stay consistent. We’d love to hear in the comments below how you show grace to others.



About Tamar Miller

Tamar Miller, authorTamar is a pastor’s wife of 25 years to a loving and patient husband, and mom of two wonderfully made teenage sons, one who lives with special needs. She considers marriage and motherhood her primary ministries from the Lord and is grateful for God’s redemptive grace shown to her within these roles.

Her desire is to glorify her heavenly Father, faithfully follow Jesus her Savior, and consistently study God’s Word. To help with that, she is thankful for and committed to her local church in SW Florida, where she’s been a member for the past 20 years. Over the past 18 years she has served in Women’s Ministry as a Bible teacher, ministry leader, and guest speaker at women’s events. Currently, she also serves part-time on staff at a K-12 Christian school and enjoys volunteering in their campus library.

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Leaving homebase can be hard, but saying goodbye with grace can make all the difference. Tamar Miller shares 4 ways to show grace to your loved ones before they head out the door. From college-bound kids to family members leaving for the day, these 4 simple gestures will make their departure a little easier.