I was thinking recently of some of the ways I’m different now than what I was like as a child.  Some things haven’t changed.  For example, my love of all things chocolate, caramel or peanut butter hasn’t changed whatsoever (bring it on!!)  Conversely, my negative regard for brussel sprouts and cauliflower hasn’t improved one bit over time either!  Nor has my height changed. I’m still somewhere between 4’10” and 4’11” depending on the day, my posture, my hairstyle, etc.  I haven’t grown an inch since I was in the sixth grade.  How many times have I thought, “What I wouldn’t give for that extra inch (or two)!”  Like that would make some significant difference in my life.

While my height hasn’t changed in three decades, my attitude about it has.  Now I’m more likely to appreciate that my petite frame makes it easier to dodge through busy crowds.  My perspective on other things has changed too.  Take friendships, for example.  As a child I thought “being popular” was important, and the longer my  list of friends, the better I was.  Now, I realize that having a handful of good, close, trustworthy friends, or even just one for that matter, is more special and rewarding.

My reactions to certain circumstances has changed too.  When a crisis occurred, I was previously more likely to jump into the thick of things and react.  Now I realize that it is often better to slow down, think things over, and let a bit of time go by to see how things play out, as the crisis often lessens in strength and severity sometimes blowing over without any reaction necessary on my part.  While I never read the book, I can see how the best seller Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff has become so popular!

By and large, I consider these changes to be positive.  It makes me wonder what other changes I’ll experience over the next couple of decades…. or for that matter, even over the coming year!  What changes have you seen in yourself?  What changes would you like to see?